If you want your blog to be reviewed, and want A-Z feedback – then this blog audit service is right for you.

You’ll be sending us your blog details and also any notes you’ve got to convey. We’ll be reviewing your blog, and sending you a detailed 7 -10 minute video on what areas you need to improve on for maximizing the profits from your blog.

Only $37

Blog Audit Service

What's in it for you?


We will be going through the content you've written on your blog (especially money posts), and give you valuable suggestions on the things you need to improve.


The on-page SEO of your site when it comes to internal linking, site architecture, speed, link attributes, and others will be checked and reported in the video.


We'll also review the niche you're working in and give you constructive feedback on the type of articles you need to publish in your niche.

Backlink AUDIT

Here we'll be identifying the various you need to fix when it comes to your off-page SEO and link building strategies. We'll also help you identify toxic links that may be harming you.


We'll review your current monetization strategies and recommend you any other monetization strategies and improvements you can consider.


We'll also be running your blog through our detailed checklists and SOPs to make sure you are not committing any mistakes that are hindering your blog's growth.


Your blog will be reviewed in-depth, and a screencast video will be recorded by Akshay Hallur and we’ll mail it to your provided email. The length of the video will be at least 7-10 minutes. 

Yes, the blog review will be done by Akshay Hallur himself. He’ll record and narrate the changes you need to make

No, unless you book two quantities. Anyways, if you have any special request reach to us at

We don’t offer client services as of now. We can only guide you to make changes, you gotta implement the changes.

It will take 2-3 days for us to review your site, record your video, and send it to you. Or, even earlier!

FIX your blog today

Seemingly small mistakes cost you months or years of your blogging career. You are blind to this – by design 🙂

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Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur is the founder of BloggingX. He dropped out in 2015 to pursue his passion in blogging, digital marketing and training. He helps people like you to learn blogging and help you grow your online business leveraging the power of strategic content marketing.

As a digital marketer, his views were sought after by some of top websites all over the world like Databox, TemplateMonster, DigitalReady, RenderForest, Malcare, SuccessfulBlogging, and much more.

He is also the founder of InfoSparkle, a B2B Digital Marketing company that helps other businesses through content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and also digital marketing consultancy.

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