In this blog post, let me present to you my honest review on BigMarker.

I’ve been using Bigmarker since 2018. I’m using the platform for my weekly webinars and also for mentorship sessions using BigMarker meetings.

I’ve used the tool inside out, and finally, I thought this is the right time for me to review this tool.

As you may know, BigMarker is the webinar tool of choice as mentioned by the G2 Winter 2020 Report. Being a BigMarker user, I was delighted to know this.

Let me be honest.

BigMarker is not for all of them. It’s still lacking some of the essential features when it comes to marketing effectiveness.

Make sure you read this blog post till the end, and hopefully I’ll let you know if this webinar platform is right for you or not.

BigMarker review – Pros and cons


  • BigMarker comes with a really huge number of features
  • Unlike GoToWebinar or Zoom, BigMarker is a complete cloud platform and does not require registrants to install any additional softwares. It enhances the show up rate.
  • BigMarker comes with webcast mode helping people with limited internet access to stream your webinar well
  • BigMarker has good integrations with various email softwares, CRMs, and other tools. It also has good incoming and outgoing webhook functionality.
  • BigMarker has different types of webinars for you to setup. It also has evergreen webinar feature that helps you to simulate live webinar experience to your registrants
  • With BigMarker you can stream your webinar live to your YouTube channel as well as Facebook
  • BigMarker comes with LIVE studio features like Chroma keying, lower thirds, video playback, PDF presentation, etc.


  • BigMarker does not offer deep integrations with some of the email marketing softwares. It means you won’t be able to export non-attendees or attendees to a separate list in your autoresponder software
  • The BigMarker’s webinar pages are not quite mobile responsive. This can be tweaked using custom CSS, nevertheless. If you are using a different custom landing page, then this may not be an issue for you.
  • Attendees with limited internet speed can find the stream quite choppy, but this can be fixed by requiring them to enable webcast mode. In my webinars, 5% of my attendees end up enabling webcast mode. You need to note that with webcast mode there’ll be a streaming delay of 10 seconds, so the chat will not be realtime for them.

Types of webinars

When you click on create a new webinar, BigMarker offers you to set up different types of webinars.

If you are doing weekly webinars that are quite similar to mine, you can just “Copy webinar”, and it’ll clone your webinar with all the settings and data intact.

Anyhow, these are the types of webinars BigMarker offers.

types of webinar bigmarker offers
  • Live webinar: This is the webinar type I regularly use. I host weekly webinars. Once a webinar is done, I’ll clone the webinar and change the date for the next week. I always do live webinars as their conversion rates are higher.
  • Summit or series: You can make use of this webinar type, if you have a series of webinars you need to deliver to your customers. I use this for my ongoing LIVE mentorship program
  • On-demand webinar: You can embed these webinars anywhere on your sites and they can be viewed on-demand.
  • Live stream: This webinar type allows you to stream your webinar to Facebook, YouTube, and other video streaming platforms.
  • Automated webinar: It helps you simulate the live webinar event with automated videos, chats, polls, and offers.
  • Evergreen webinar: This helps you run automated webinars on an evergreen basis.
  • 24-7 webinar: This will be an always-on webinar room. Students can join at any time. If you’re an educational institute with faculties all around the world, and students can sign in at any time, this webinar type is for you.

If you are a marketer, you’ll be arranging LIVE webinars or evergreen webinars (for automated webinars).

Apart from webinars, you also have meetings feature in BigMarker. This is very similar to Zoom meetings.

creating multiple meeting spaces

Here you can create multiple meeting spaces. You can give your meeting space link to your attendees, and you both can enter the room at a specified time.

Essential features of webinars like recordings, privacy, ask to enter, are also available for meeting rooms.

features of webinars

If you mark your meeting room as closed, people need to knock on the door and you need to allow them.

Webinar management

BigMarker’s user interface is greatly refined and feels modern.

webinar management page

When you click on the “Manage webinar” under any webinar, you’ll head over to the webinar management page.

Here you can see, the most important pages are “Edit’ and “Manage” pages. Most of the important webinar options are present.

Here are some of the key options I modify for my webinars.

  • Disable webinar survey feedback email under “Emails and Invitations”
  • Disable Recording Published Notification under “Emails and Invitations” as I don’t offer webinar replays.
  • Edit > Webinar Exit URL > Sales Page URL
  • Edit > Advanced Privacy > Only those invited through BigMarker can attend (to prevent spam)
  • Select server location to India under Edit > Live Webinar > Advanced settings (or to your nearest server)
  • Turn off Automation (because, once, webinar auto stopped due to automation left “on”)
  • Make sure to load the popup offers under Manage Webinar > Preload.
add information about all the presenter

Under presenters, you can add information about all the presenters in the webinar.

options for landing templates

In design, you can change the templates for the webinar’s landing page, and so on.

Another important section you need to pay attention to is “Emails and Invitations”.

webinar reminder setup

I suggest you add at least 3 reminder emails to make sure there’s a good show up rate.

Here you have the automation sections, where you can add “Auto events” that occur during the webinar. And also, you can load the chat messages to appear as if they are live during the webinar.

I recommend you keep the “automation” as off for live webinars.

BigMarker offers hundreds of features to customize your webinar hosting experience.

Most of the options are present under two broad umbrellas – “Edit” and “Manage”. Although there are subsections for features, you may need to make use of CMD + F for quickly discovering the features at times.

One best feature that BigMarker offers is “Copy Webinar” which allows you to clone the webinar. If you are doing weekly webinars like me, you don’t need to configure webinars from scratch every time and add offers to it.

Host control panel

In this section, I will be sharing with you some features that you need to be aware of being a presenter.

preparation for webinar using practice webinar feature

If you are new to BigMarker, you need to be aware of their “Practice Webinar” feature that allows you to discover the options in the control panel and also test your connectivity without going live.

features and testing before entering the webinar

Before entering the webinar, the BigMarker will allow you to select your mic, output device, and also webcam. You also have studio features like quality, filters, and background (chroma key).

It also does your network test to ensure that you won’t face any performance issues.

In the control panel, some of the important features are:

  1. Audience permissions: It allows you to toggle the privacy of your attendee list, chat, enable mics and cameras of the attendees, etc.
  2. Recording: Here you can start/stop the recording
  3. Chat: All your audience chat messages
  4. Q&A: Ask your audience to leave their questions here so that they won’t get buried under chat. This section also has upvote and other features
  5. Polls: Here you can trigger your preloaded polls or create a new poll quickly
  6. Handouts: You can give any handouts or webinar bonuses
  7. Offers: You can trigger the fullscreen/popup offers. You can also enable offers to have countdown timers and pin right on top of the chat panel.

When it comes to presenting the slides, you can upload your slides in the PDF format to BigMarker. Or, alternatively, you can share your slides with BigMarker’s screen sharing.

I have my webinar slides saved in Google Slides, and I share them via screen sharing (share a Chrome tab or sometimes window). As of now, I’m not making use of BigMarker PDF slides feature as my slides have GIFs and are prone to refinements.

Almost all the features are handy once you get used to the interface.

If you are screen sharing and also monitoring the chat messages at the same time, you may find it hard unless you use split-screen mode on your machine.

In that case, I’ve discovered this Slack integration lately.

live webinar chat notification

You can have Slack integration. You’ll be notified of all your webinar chat messages on Slack, you can also reply to them in real-time.

Rather than switching back and forth between your screen sharing window and control panel (chat), I‘ll have Slack open on my Android to monitor chat in real-time.

You can also enable SMS and iOS push notifications.

Marketing features

BigMarker was traditionally meant to be used by educators and institutes. But later they have introduced a lot of marketing-friendly features, which I’ll discuss in this section.

You can preload offers to BigMarker.

preload call to action
types of popup present

You can also use “Custom Embed/HTML” in place of the offers.

popup's control feature

In the control panel, you can just click on the “offers” button, and trigger the offer at any point of time. You can also enable the offer to be pinned on top of the chat and also display the countdown timer to implement scarcity marketing.

post webinar email feature

You can also schedule follow-up emails for your webinar attendees and also people who didn’t attend your webinars.

With this, you can perhaps give them another chance to consider your offer and perhaps convert.

schedule post-webinar emails

Here you can enter your offer URL and let people redirect to your offer page once the webinar is over. This helps a lot for people to discover more about your offer.

BigMarker also offers some more marketing features, which I’ll present to you in the integrations section.


BigMarker integrates with a really good number of email marketing softwares, CRMs, payment processors, shopping carts, LMS platforms and much more.

bigmarker integrations with other platforms

There are lots of integrations, but some crucial integrations like GetResponse and ConvertKit are missing.

deep integration options are less

Some email marketing softwares like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, MooSend, have deep integrations, which allow you to export attendees, no-shows, recording viewers separately.

However, this kind of deep integrations are not present in most of their integrations.

Anyhow they have Zapier integration which allows you to integrate with more than 1,000+ apps. But it doesn’t have integration with Integromat.

Nevertheless, you can make use of their outgoing and incoming webhook integration.

outgoing and incoming webhook integration
elementor popups to bigmarker

I mainly use webhook integration to automatically add registrants from Elementor popups to BigMarker. You need to also remember to rename the form fields so that BigMarker should accept the data.

You can also make use of webhooks for integrating your country-specific payment gateway with BigMarker.

Comparison with other webinar platforms

BigMarker vs Demio

Bigmarker Logo
Demio Logo

BigMarker and Demio both are really highly customizable webinar platforms compared to other platforms like Zoom, GoToWebinar, On24, and others.

But I would say BigMarker takes the number of customization options to a whole new level.

Some unique features that both of these platforms come with are the ability to upload your presentation, registration form templates, etc.

One unique feature that Demio comes with is “Custom Branding Across Everything”.

BigMarker vs Zoom

Zoom Logo

Zoom is originally a video conferencing app. It also allows you to do webinars.

For webinars, one big disadvantage of Zoom is that you need to download the Zoom app to attend the webinar. This will be small friction for your attendees.

Coming to the features, you can’t really compare the power of BigMarker to that of Zoom which comes with very limited features.

Zoom does not even come with features like uploading presentations, sharing videos, automatic webinar replays, marketing CTAs, pop-ups, and also advanced integrations. It’s just not meant for marketing webinars.

However, the main benefit of Zoom is that most of the people in the B2B space are familiar with it. It also offers the best streaming performance even for people with limited internet access without requiring them to enable webcast mode.

BigMarker vs GoToWebinar

Bigmarker Logo
Gotowebinar Logo 1

GoToWebinar, similar to that of Zoom, requires you to install a separate desktop application to run. It’s not completely a cloud platform like that of BigMarker or Demio.

It can be compared to Zoom as it lacks some of the webinar features like uploading presentations, registration page templates, and so on.

GoToWebinar feels dated compared to BigMarker, Demio, and Zoom.

Added to that, the pricing of the platform is also quite high.


With BigMarker you have three plans:

  1. Starter – 100 attendees
  2. Elite – 500 attendees
  3. Summit – 1000 attendees

You can also go with their enterprise or Whitelabel plan.

They don’t have any intermediary plans between the Starter and Elite that offer like say, 200 attendees.

If you are doing marketing webinars, and have registrants between 200-250 for your webinar, then the “Starter” plan (upto 100 attendees) would be ideal for you (considering your show up rate will be 20 – 50%).

Pricing [Based on the number
of attendees]
Explore more



  1. $79/mo for 100 attendees
  2. $159/mo for 500 attendees
  3. $299/mo for 1000 attendees

Explore BigMarker



  1. $499/year for 500 attendees
  2. $699/year for 2000 attendees
  3. $999/year for 5000 attendees

Explore Demio



  1. $119/mo for 25 attendees
  2. $179/mo for 50 attendees
  3. $349/mo for 200 attendees

Explore Webinar Jam



  1. $89/mo for 100 participants
  2. $199/mo for 500 participants
  3. $429/mo for 1000 participants

Explore GoToWebinar



  1. $20/mo for 50+ attendees
  2. $34/mo for 100+attendees
  3. $62/mo for 250+ attendees
  4. $139/mo for 1000+ at

Explore Crowdcast



  1. $0/mo for hosting up to 100 participants
  2. $14.99/mo/host includes 100 participants
  3. $19.99 /mo/host includes 300 participants

Explore Zoom

The price of BigMarker is quite on the higher side.


BigMarker is overall a great tool with lots of customization options. It is the most flexible webinar platform I’ve ever come across. I would say that it easily beats webinar platforms like GoToWebinar, Zoom, and On24.

It has different types of webinars to serve your needs. It also has automated webinars, that lets you put your webinar sales on auto-pilot if you wish.

I highly recommend you BigMarker for your webinar needs.

Apart from the lack of pricing flexibility like that of Demio and others, BigMarker does not have many major downsides.