Beaver Builder vs Thrive Architect vs Visual Composer

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Beaver Builder vs Thrive Content Builder vs Visual Composer

Making your content standout, appealing to read and presenting it in a unique way is essential. Because visual aspect is the future of blogging and internet marketing.

In this post, I’ll be comparing the best drag and drop page builders – Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect and Visual Composer.

This is the ultimate comparison post, that helps you clearly decide what plugin is suitable for you.

Now it’s time for us to make out hands dirty.​

Beaver Builder is one of the WYSIWYG page builders for WordPress. You edit your page on Frontend. When you drag the elements or modules to the page, your page is dynamically created. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get.

This is one of the new comers to the highly competitive drag and drop plugin industry of WordPress.

How to use it?​

When you launch the page builder, you’ll be asked to select the layout. There are dozens of page layouts in different categories like homepage and content page.

Beaver layout templates

I’ve selected the blank page for the sake of this post. By using blank page template, you can create almost any type of content.

There are several set of modules and widgets available.​ When you select a layout to build a page, you’ll be presented with the following sidebar options to build your page.

Beaver builder options

Row layouts

Here you can choose a number of columns you want to present in your content.

Beaver columns

You can select any  number of columns you want.

Basic modules

  • Audio
  • Button
  • HTML
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Seperator
  • Text Editor
  • Video

In the basic modules section, most of the commonly used modules are there.

Basic modules

The most used among these modules is the text editor. It is necessary for you to write the content on your page. Let’s take a look at it.

​You need to drag and drop the module to one of your columns.

Text editor

There is a dedicated text editor for you to write content. It is feature rich with all the basic editing and formatting options.

There is also a section for the advanced settings where you can set the margin, padding, animations, and CSS for the text.

Advanced text settings

Advanced module

  • Accordion
  • Call to action
  • Callout
  • Contact form
  • Content slider
  • Countdown
  • Gallery
  • Icon
  • Icon Group
  • Map
  • Menu
  • Number counter
  • Posts
  • Posts Carousel
  • Posts Slider
  • Pricing Table
  • Sidebar
  • Slideshow
  • Social Buttons
  • Subscribe Form
  • Tabs
  • Testimonials
Advanced modules
Call to action demo

You can view the advanced modules here. One of the most used element here is the call to action. Let me describe it. For call to action, there are several settings for text, buttons, and other settings. You can set the icons for the buttons, and customize it fully. The above is the demo of how the call to action looks like in Beaver Builder.

WordPress Widgets of Beaver Builder

You can insert the widgets installed on your WordPress account into the content easily by dragging and dropping. This is one of the powerful features.


Beaver builder pricing

As you can see the above screenshot, Beaver Builder comes with 3 plans: Standard, Pro, and Agency.


  • U.I. is refined
  • Unlike other drag and drop builders, like Divi and Visual Composer it does not leave behind junk code, as it applies pure HTML to the pages.
  • Content will be there, even if you deactivate the plugin. This writes  pure plugin-independent HTML code.


  • Limited features compared to the price.
  • No lightboxes

Thrive Architect

It is the content builder where you get true WYSIWYG editor feel. It works on the frontend of your WordPress site. It’s best suited for niche and affiliate sites. Because Thrive Architect comes with Thrive Lightboxes and landing pages. All these features come in with hundreds of prebuilt templates.

All the elements are editable and you can adjust the margin, padding, color, font (web fonts), and CSS of every individual aspect of the page. Below is the overview of Thrive Architect, when you edit your page/post with it. 

Thrive architect interface

Foundational elements

Below are the elements that are packed under this category.

  • Content box
  • Image
  • Button
  • Paragraph
  • Heading
  • Background section
  • Column
  • Templates and symbols
  • Content Revealer
  • Star Ratings

The text element is the one that is used many times. It lets you add text and paragraphs dynamically to your page.

Content box is great while highlighting any text in the content.

Text bar thrive architect

When you are editing text there, the formatting buttons and menu will appear floating on the top, as you can notice in the above screenshot.

Building blocks

  • Tabs
  • Click to tweet
  • Countdown
  • Facebook comments
  • Google maps
  • Icons
  • Fill counter
  • Custom HTML
  • Lead generation
  • Post grid
  • Star ratings
  • Table of content
  • Toggle
  • Divider
  • Testimonial
  • Pricing table
  • Styled box
  • Call to Action
  • Guarantee Box
  • Styled Lists
  • Progress bar
  • WordPress content
  • Video
  • Disqus comments
  • Credit card
  • Social Share Buttons

Among these modules Content Templates hold the template you save while building your page – it’s great for productivity. The modules come with over 10 styles. That’s the greatest advantage.

Content box

The content box has a good collection of styles both with or without the headline. You can adjust the colors, margins and other advanced settings including CSS.

Call to action thrive

Quote share – Click to Tweet

Thrive testimonials

For every element there are a variety of options and styles.

Same as that of in Beaver Builder, widgets module enables you to add widgets in between your page content.

  • First tab
  • Second tab
  • Third tab

Tabbed Content is the special feature you need to look into.​ It comes in with horizontal and vertical tabs.

Other elements are simply added below​.

Price comparison table

Pricing table comes in with a number of columns. Here I’ve selected 3. It is best suitable if you have memberships, products or affiliate products.

Progress Bar: Suitable for setting a deal expiry date.

I suggest you go through my Thrive Architect review to explore all the features that it offers.

Thrive Landing Pages

You can create any sort of landing pages. There are hundreds of templates available. The number of templates you get here is more than any of the drag and drop builders out there on the web. There is also Thrive Template Cloud. There are templates in every category you can imagine.

Thrive architect templates

Below is the example template, for downloading an ebook.

Landing page example

If you are good at coding you can also import the template file into the Thrive Builder.

You can add your services to the builder. All the major email service providers are included.

Thrive Lightboxes

It also comes with support for lightboxes. You can trigger the lightbox when a particular content comes in the viewfinder, mouse hovered or a link is clicked. It can also add as a content upgrade.

There’s a separate section in WordPress adding new lightbox.

When you are creating content on the page, you can select the events and trigger one of your lightboxes when a certain event happens. This is the quickest way to build your email list.

Below is the example lightbox, I created for demo purposes.

Thrive architect lightboxes


  • Tons of features than any other plugin
  • The lightboxes and landing page huge layout collection
  • As opposed to beaver Builder, you can also build posts using this plugin.
  • Provision to edit in WordPress Default Editor. So less dependency when compared to any other drag and drop builders.
  • Swift updates and additional features are added quickly. It’s evolving than ever.


  • U.I. can be more beautiful.
  • Editing older content is tough, like that of any other plugins


Thrive content builder pricing

I’m using license of unlimited sites. You can upgrade your plan anytime by paying the difference amount.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is the most searched drag and drop builders on the web, maybe it is due to its affordable price.

The unique thing about this is you have two options. One is to choose backend editor or to choose frontend editor.

Back-end editor looks something like below screenshot

Backend editor visual composer

You can switch over to front-end editor with a single click.

Frontend editor


There are a variety of elements that come along with the plugin. They are nicely categorized under different sections.

You can get information about all the elements by just looking at the below screenshot.

Elements visual composer

Again the most used element here is Text Block. You can use it to insert content into your page. You can edit both page or post with this plugin.

Text box visual composer

You can alter the margin, padding other CSS common settings with the help of visual editor. You can change the background colors of the text box and also add a border to it. There are several customization options.

Text setting visual composer

There are dozens of content layouts to choose from ranging from parallax, call to action, testimonials, features block and others.

Below is the example of testimonials template.

Visual composer testimonials

You can edit, delete or customize any of the single testimonial or a single aspect of it.

Another great advantage is that you can publish your post directly from the frontend editor. This is one of the unique features.

Compared to other plugins, this is the small light-weight plugin packed with powerful features

Pros and cons


  • U.I. is beautiful
  • Clean U.I
  • Easily affordable
  • Both back-end and front-end editor


  • Limited features
  • No lightboxes


There are several plans, suitable for different requirements.

For pure web content, only one plan is applicable. There’re no plans that support multiple sites. You need to pay $34 for the plugin to use on single site, unlimited updates and support. Regular plan is the way to go, if you liked Visual Composer.

The winner

Among the three plugins – winner is Thrive Architect and runner-ups are Beaver Builder and Visual Composer.

This is the result without considering the prices​.

Price comparison

Single site license – $67
5 site license pack – $97
15 license pack License – $147
Agency License ​- $47 per/month

Standard – $99
Pro – $199
Agency – $399​

Visual Composer
Single site – Regular $34

If you have read my blog post till now, you can easily conclude that the Thrive Architect is a bargain for its features.

Thrive products are created especially by taking conversion rate optimization into account. If you increase your affiliate sales using this plugin and get 2 sales out of your great presentation posts, it will pay back your money. 

Reasons why Thrive Architect is the winner

  • Comes with lightboxes
  • Content upgrades
  • Have hundreds of landing page templates to choose from
  • Features and elements are more compared to any of the other plugins.
  • True WYSIWYG editor.
  • Lifetime support and updates with all the plans.
  • No need to invest seperately on pop up plugins.
  • Supports WordPress native editor
  • Offers you the page code to edit or backup.

FAQs on Beaver Builder vs Thrive Architect vs Visual Composer

These are some of the most common questions that may pop up in your mind do read them. It will be beneficial for you.

What will happen if the plugin is deactivated by you?

That’s the main disadvantage of drag and drop builders. Once you deactivate the plugin, all the content will be lost. But that’s not the case in the Beaver Builder.

The Beaver Builder writes HTML code to the pages, that are independent of the plugin files. it means that your content will still be there if you deactivate the plugin.

In the case of Thrive Architect, you need to backup the code of the page everytime you publish a new post. Otherwise, once you deactivate the plugin all the content will be gone. That’s not a major drawback though.

In the case of Visual Composer, once the plugin is removed, the content will be left behind with shortcodes. That’s the worst in this case. You’ll be completely locked into the plugin.

Which plugins come with landing page layouts?

The Beaver plugin comes in with around 32 layouts for the landing pages.

The Thrive Architect comes with hundreds of layouts for the landing pages, sales page, checkout, page and many more. It also includes the Thrive layout cloud, which is a nice addition.

The Visual composer has the fewest templates of all the plugins here.

Which plugins come with more features?

Here the winner is Thrive Architect and the next winner is the Beaver Builder. Thrive Architect has lots of features and is highly and easily customizable.

Which plugins can I use on WordPress Posts?

Normally, page builder plugins are meant to build pages. But with the recent trend, you can build posts with some of the plugins.

The Beaver Builder is only meant to build pages but not posts. The Thrive Architect can be used to build both WordPress pages and posts. The Visual Composer can also be used for both purposes.

Which plugins are easy to use?

Page builder plugins are made to ease the process of creating stunning web pages. It is meant to get you rid of coding. Almost all the above plugins are super-easy to learn. They are visual, easy and drag and drop.

You need to just drag and drop the elements to fit in the elements perfectly and meaningfully on the screen.

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