Top 5 BackupBuddy Alternatives for Backing Up Your WordPress Site

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In this post, I’m going to introduce some of the best alternatives for the BackupBuddy plugin in WordPress.

If you are serious about blogging, you need to have a backup plan for your site. Chances are there that your hosting provider is providing a backup plan for you. If that’s the case, this post is not for you.

This post is for you if you do not have a backup plan running on your hosting side, and you need to install a WordPress plugin for automatically backing up your site.

BackupBuddy is one such WordPress plugin that you need to install on your WordPress account and let it automatically backup your WordPress site periodically and keep your site safe from hackers, malware or wrong commands.

This plugin comes at a one-time price of $297 for a lifetime. However, the yearly plans are also available. The chances are there that this plugin is too expensive for you if you are a newbie blogger.

So, here I’ve listed some of the BackupBuddy alternatives that you can use on your site to safely backup the data on your WordPress site to a secure location or during site migration (if your host does not offer migration services).

Here are the alternatives



Blogvault creates daily automated backups of your site, thus keeping your site backed up and safe. Already 10,000+ WordPress users are using Blogvault backup solution for their sites.

If you are eager to try out the plugin, you’ll be offered a 7-day free trial of the plugin, that too with no credit card required. It’s like only install the plugin and run the backups.

After the trial time, if you are still interested in using the plugin, you can opt for a plan.

The storage of files will be stored on their own servers and as well as Amazon S3 servers. In addition, Blogvault also shares 30-day backup revision history so that you can revert back to any of the month’s day’s backup point.

It will be very helpful if you have made any changes to your site and to revert back, rather than messing up with the code.

The plans start at mere $9/month. It’s worth every penny as it gives security to your site and as well a sense of peace to your mind.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin


UpDraft plugin simplifies the backup process by supporting cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. The backup is also stored in your own server so that you can restore fast whenever something wrong happens on your site.

The restore process is made simple. You need to just install UpDraft plugin and hit the one-click restore now button to fully restore your site and get it live.

In WordPress repo, this plugin boasts the current active installs of 800,000+. They can’t be wrong.

The plugin is also available in pro version. It offers features like Updraft saves the backups on their servers or vault, migration/ cloning of sites, backups to multiple remote locations, database encryption, fix backup site, multi-site support, and also personal support.

The personal plan costs you $70 for lifetime updates and access. You can backup and maintain 2 sites with the most basic plan i.e personal plan.



This simple free WordPress plugin comes with options to copy or migrate your site from one server to another. But the downside is that the backups are made on your own site and can be downloaded.

The Duplicator does not maintain its own server or support other cloud storage solutions, as it is a free plugin.

However, there is also a pro version of the plugin with professional features like scheduling, cloud storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP.

If your internet is fast enough to download the entire WordPress Backup and restore it within minutes, this plugin works quite good.



This is also a remote backup solution. It allows you to backup your WordPress site and pushes it to remote storage solutions like Amazon s3, Dropbox, Azure, FTP, etc.

The pro version is also available.

The pro version includes premium features like complete database backup, Google Drive Backup, Backup on the network, multisite support, personal premium support,and more.


This plugin lets you backup the core WordPress database files in your FTP. For restoring the backup, you need to make use of the phpMyAdmin section of your hosting account.

This is not a straightforward backup plugin like other backup plugins. You need to do the restore stuff manually via phpMyAdmin.

Up to you

These are some of the best alternative backup plugins for BackUpBuddy. Hope you found this post helpful.

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 BackupBuddy Alternatives for Backing Up Your WordPress Site”

  1. Jennifer Richards

    Good post, Akshay!

    BackUpBuddy is one of the best plugins for backup. But for alternatives, the alternatives of BackupBuddy you’ve mentioned are great.

    I am currently using Updraft Plus on my site, and it’s serving me well.


  2. Hello Akshay, Thanks for sharing these nice backup plugins, I was looking for some nice and reliable plugins. No doubt that Backup Buddy is the best one but its little bit expensive. Will try BlogVault. Thanks again

  3. Joan J. Carrigan

    Thanks for the share. My frustrations with BackupBuddy are growing and I am going to checkout UpdraftPlus. Thanks again!

  4. I think that smartest way to backup your site is learn how to manually do it on C panel. There are lot of tutorials on You Tube explaining how to do it. It is Two minute job and it is more effective than any plugin.

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