Top 12 AppSumo Deals for Feb 2020 [Lifetime Deals]

Are you looking for the best AppSumo deals to buy this month?

Then you are at the right place.

In this post, we will be presenting you the top AppSumo deals that are live right now.

Deal NameTypeRegular PriceDeal PriceExplore the Deal now
TribeCloud-based community platform$399/mo$69.00 AppSumo  lifetime dealGet Deal
EndorsalTestimonials tool $19/mo$49.00 AppSumo  lifetime dealGet Deal
BetterDocsProductivity software$49/year $49.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
TexAuLead generation software$59/mo$49.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
VdoCipherVideo encryption software$199/year$79.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
ResponseSuiteDrag and drop survey builder$49/mo$59.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
FreedCampProject management system$7.49/per user/per mo $49.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
SimilarContentSEO tool$119/per user/per year$79.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
MeetFoxMeetings scheduling tool$11/mo $59.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
YayImagesImage library$19/mo$59.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
CopywritelySEO content tool$18/mo$59.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal
BrizyWebsite and landing page builder$4.59/mo$49.00 AppSumo lifetime dealGet Deal

AppSumo is a great marketplace to buy digital products and tools at a very cheap discounted price.

It partners up with digital product owners, services, and helps them grow their business by bringing them good sales.

If you are in the digital marketing space, then this platform is great for your business growth as it offers awesome deals at affordable prices.

The top 10 AppSumo deals you should not miss


Boost is the email list building tool that skyrockets your sign-ups by providing the various social opt-in links for the users. 

With Boost, you can increase your signup conversion thus building your email list very fast. By using its excellent integration you can export the subscriber’s data to sync with various databases and CRMs. 


  • Ability to share the links across various social media channels
  • Send highly personalized emails by integrating with your favorite marketing software
  • Dedicated login portal for clients usage
  • Improve your marketing efforts with a retargeting pixel 

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $19/mo


Wishpond is a feature-rich marketing platform that comes with landing pages, webinar popups, email marketing, automation, leads tracking and management, YouTube contests, and much more. 

Wishpond has 500+ integrations with popular CRM softwares, email marketing platforms, survey apps, webinar apps, live chat integrations, eCommerce platforms, and also provides Zapier integration. 


  • Provides 100+ professionally designed templates
  • Powerful tracking 
  • Comes with targeted popups
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Powerful customization options

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 

Hey Oliver

Hey Oliver is a marketing automation software that allows you to turn your visitors into customers with its highly targeted marketing campaigns. 

You can target the visitors by analyzing their demographics, the pages they viewed, referrals, and clicks. 


  • Split testing
  • Geo-tracking
  • Lead generation with automated campaigns
  • Lead scoring and leads nurturing
  • Real-time chat

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $74.65/mo


Swarmify is a video CDN that provides unlimited bandwidth, storage, and ensures great uptime with instant and buffer-proof playback. 

Swarmify comes with video player, video CDN, video encoding, YouTube export, and much more. 


  • Distraction-free player
  • Optimized for every device
  • Stall-free playback
  • Instant video buffering
  • Continuous streaming optimization

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $49/mo


Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that is highly useful for brands, agencies, marketers, and influencers to grow their business. 

It helps you in improving your social media campaigns by providing actionable insights that you can implement instantly.  

You can analyze how your competitors are performing, know what strategies working well for them, and plan your strategies accordingly. 


  • Customizable PDF and Whitelabel reports
  • Post analysis and hashtag analysis
  • Smart insights
  • Scheduled email alerts
  • Multi-user login

Deal price: $69.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $29/mo


Eyeson is a cloud-based presentation and video conferencing platform that keeps you organized and saves your time by inviting the people to join the meeting with just a single click. 

With Eyeson, you can share and record your presentations with ease. There are no downloads or installation required. 


  • Compatible with any browser
  • Powerful integration with productivity tools 
  • Ability to rewatch previous meetings
  • Single stream technology with good network

Deal price: $69.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $9/mo


BrandMentions is a social monitoring tool that helps you to keep an eye on your brand, what people are speaking about it, and also know the places where your brand has been mentioned. 

It comes with competitor spying, brand monitoring, reputation management, media monitoring, and business intelligence. 


  • Fully customized alerts 
  • Comprehensive sentiment analysis 
  • Real-time analytics and tracking
  • Has its own web crawler

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $49/mo

WishList Member

WishList Member is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful membership sites within the WordPress dashboard. 

You can protect your content and provide the users with various access levels with just a few clicks. 


  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Secure RSS feeds
  • Partial content display
  • Flexible membership options
  • In-depth step by step tutorials

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $147/year


BotStar is a chatbot solution that streamlines your business by allowing you to communicate effectively with your clients.

It has a built-in CMS that allows you to embed the media-rich content. It provides 4 types of display methods: embeddable, popup, live chat, and landing page. 


  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • 70+ pre-made templates
  •  Automatic follow-ups & campaigns
  • White labeling
  • No coding skills required
  • Open source chatbot solution

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $15/mo


Evidence is an online platform where you can launch the real-time social proof notifications that boost your conversions. 

With Evidence, you can send the conversion notifications, streak notifications, visitors count, announcement and even you can promote the offers. 


  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Supports zapier and webhooks integration
  • Mobile optimized
  • Excellent integrations
  • Ability to customize the notifications

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal 
Regular price – $40/mo


It is a very powerful cloud-based community platform where you can create a website and increase user engagement by allowing users to share the content, upvote, comment, ask questions, and follow the right people.

It helps you to build the brand, grow organically, expand your network and boost your conversions.

It offers features like:

  • Ready-made social widgets
  • Integration with powerful apps and softwares
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • White label
  • Powerful gamification
  • Comprehensive analytics

Deal price: $69.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $399/mo


Testimonials are great for social proof to boost conversions of any online business.

Getting high-quality testimonials from your clients may be really painful sometimes as you need to follow up with them and is a quite long process.

This process is highly simplified with Endorsal. Endorsal is a great tool for getting quality testimonials from your clients. It automates the whole process of collecting and displaying testimonials.

Its features include:

  1. Automated review approve/rejection
  2. Branded Endoforms for the clients to write their review
  3. Embeddable widgets to display testimonials on any sites
  4. Dynamic links to fill the form to suit the different platforms
  5. White labeling
  6. Multiple custom domains
  7. FOMO popups
  8. Custom Branding

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $19/mo


This is a great tool to manage your knowledgebase’s documentation by customizing it effectively thus lowering the load of support tickets.

This tool helps to improve your customer experience, take your productivity to the next level and improve your support team operations.

It offers great features like:

  1. Integration with any of the page builders and themes.
  2. SEO friendly
  3. Stunning ready-made templates
  4. Scrollable Table of Contents
  5. Advanced customization options
  6. Insightful analytics​
  7. Advanced live search

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $49/year


TexAu is a powerful automation software for lead generation to scale up your business by generating more leads.

This tool eases your process of extracting the prospect details, add them to the spreadsheet, and processing them.

You can save tons of time with this fully automated software. You can generate high-quality leads and build strong sales funnel with this software.

It allows 80+ automation for you to choose including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter,, Quora, and more!

Advantages of using TexAu are:

  1. Removes the workload of manual process
  2. Create complex automation in just a few seconds
  3. Get enriched user data very quickly
  4. Scale-up your business faster
  5. Get a quick list of prospects to contact
  6. You can use Webhooks to trigger the automation
  7. Build a sales line of prospects
  8. Easy to use dashboard
  9. Import/export the list effortlessly
  10. Keep the data organized

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $59/mo


Are you tired of online video pirates? Then you need to look at VdoCipher.

VdoCipher is the best video encryption software that protects your videos or online courses with Google widevine DRM encryption and dynamic watermarking.

It secures your videos from digital pirates and allows you hosting them securely on the web.

VdoCipher comes with features like:

  1. DRM Encrypted Streaming
  2. Watermarking to deter screen capture
  3. Amazon AWS Server + CDN
  4. Smart HTML5 player
  5. Plugins for WordPress and Moodle
  6. Compatibility with various devices

Deal price: $79.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $199/year


ResponseSuite is a drag and drop survey builder that segments the audience on autopilot.

With this software, you can boost your sales by sending customized messages or emails. You can also build your email list.

It integrates with email services, Hotjar, Facebook pixel and also with websites.

Its features include:

  1. Conditional skip logic
  2. Assigning scores and ratings
  3. Embed your survey on the site
  4. Thank you pages
  5. Full Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Connection
  6. 3 Factor Log-In Authentication

Deal price: $59.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $49/mo


FreedCamp is a customizable project management system for teams to keep their work organized. With this tool, you can collaborate with your team members very effectively and get more tasks done in a short span of time with a streamlined workflow.

Its features include:

  1. White Label
  2. Backups
  3. Task Board
  4. Project Templates
  5. 3rd Party Integrations
  6. Private Cloud
  7. Gantt charts and many more

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $ 7.49/per user/per mo


SimilarContent is a great SEO tool to find potentially ranking keywords by analyzing the top search results and write your own content that ranks high on Google.

This tool focuses entirely on the LSI keywords and makes your content rank higher with low or zero backlinks.

You can optimize your content relevancy score and optimize the content for semantic keywords to outrank your competitors.

It also allows you to compare your content with your competitors with its live text editor and know exactly how they have optimized the content.

It comes with

  1. Keyword difficulty checking
  2. Content optimizer
  3. Ranking predictor

Deal price: $79.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $119/per user/per year


MeetFox is a great tool to schedule your meetings and it reminds you through automated SMS and reminders so that you won’t miss any of them.

You can set up your personal bookings page and share it with your clients and in the email signature.

It has automated streamlined invoicing and payment protection.

Its features include:

  1. Customized booking page to match your services
  2. Calendar connection (Google & Microsoft Outlook)
  3. Automatic SMS & email reminders to avoid no-shows
  4. Integrate with your website or any platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, business card, email signature)
  5. Time zone recognition
  6. Customizable working hours

Deal price: $59.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $11/mo

Yay Images

Yay Images is a vast library of 11+ million royalty-free stock images, vectors, and illustrations.

You can easily scale up your marketing efforts with these high-quality images.

This image library is brought by a large community of 1,000 expert photographers and you can use these images for marketing as well as printing projects.

You can filter the images by orientation, vectors, and keywords. Also, you can easily access images by category.

Deal price: $59.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $19/mo


Copywritely is an SEO content tool that makes your content SEO friendly by proofreading it and checks your document for plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and for readability scores.

It makes your copy easily understandable for both readers and search engines.

It comes with tools like:

SEO content comparison tool – Its SERP checker analyses and gives you the keywords that your competitors are ranking. It also gives built-in templates for copywriting tasks.

SEO Content Checker – It checks the content for plagiarism, analyzes keyword stuffing, makes the content easily readable.

Deal price: $59.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $18/mo


Brizy is a website and landing page builder that lets you create high-quality landing pages and even complete websites

It integrates with most of the email marketing software and allows you to get more leads and send them automated follow-ups.

It is a great tool for online marketers and agencies to boost their conversions.

It comes with features like:

  1. Allows you to manage sub-accounts
  2. Team collaboration
  3. Mobile optimized
  4. Excellent site loading speed
  5. Pre-made blocks and layouts optimized for conversion

Deal price: $49.00 AppSumo lifetime deal
Regular price – $4.59/mo

Other AppSumo subscriptions

AppSumo Plus:

By becoming an AppSumo Plus member you will get an extra 10% discount on all the purchases you make. Also for plus members, notifications will be sent as soon as the new deals hit the store, and they will get access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro.

These members will also get invitations for digital events.

It costs $99 for becoming a plus member. You are free to cancel the membership at any time. Charges are not applied for the following year.

AppSumo Briefcase:

Briefcase is a quarterly membership program that provides access to top selected software for just $49/month (billed at $147/quarter).

With this Briefcase membership, you will get access to the featured software and also you will get coupons to purchase the products with a 10% additional discount.

Wrap up

These are some of the AppSumo deals that you can get this month.

Personally, for me, AppSumo has enabled me to save a lot of money. It also helped me to get rid of the monthly subscriptions I had. You need to learn the art of accurately determining whether the app has a future or not before buying any deal.

If you have any doubts regarding any of these AppSumo deals, let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you :-)

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