7 Easy Tips to Add an Attractive Personality to Your Blog

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People tend to read and trust blogs that have a personality attached to them. Because they too are human beings.

One of your goals in blogging – you need to write in such a way that your blog readers are convinced to trust you. This goal is not possible by not having a great personality attached to your blog. Because most of the people simply won’t bother to read a piece of content written by a creature hiding behind the curtains.

You should show up! In your each and every blog post.

Readers should feel and relate to every sentence you utter.

Write the post only for one of your readers

After deciding the topic on which you want to write about, you just need to come with one ideal reader who reads your post. You can’t target all of your readers. You need to select one of the types who have a specific problem or an interest. Then you gotta tailor the content that you write by keeping them in mind.

You can find the burning problems in your niche using,

  • Niche forums
  • QA sites
  • Facebook niche groups
  • Conducting surveys on your blog
  • Asking your email subscribers

Just make sure that the post you write at least appeal to one of your readers strongly; it matches their mindset and hits the right chords and resonate with them.

Once they relate to you, you build a great personality in their minds. They’ll become loyal to you; you are the right person to them.

Damn you formal

Readers are your friends. How would you talk to a friend?

Break the barrier between verbal and written communication. The words you ink on your posts should be natural and heartfelt.

In blogging, you should write like you talk.

Best writing advice – Write like you talk!

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Before writing any line, just close your eyes and think – “How would I talk/say the line in real life?

After writing your entire blog post, just read your content aloud, wear the shoes of your readers and make sure that the content resonates and is conversational – as if you are talking one-one.

Add personal flavor

Just a conversational approach may not be enough. Most of the bloggers have now adopted a conversational style of blogging. You gotta stand out.

You need to add a personal flavor to your blog content in the form of personal stories, experiences, and updates. While discussing a topic in your post, just think if there are any of your stories, experiences about the topic.

Have you bought a new pet or a gadget? Hunt for an opportunity to share it with your audience. Did any real life incident happen to you? Analyze how it’s gonna fit in your content.

Weave a story.

Any story from famous movies, TV series, songs, etc, that is likely to appeal your audience. Just visualize that you are sitting with your best friend and explaining him about the topic you are writing about.

Buffer got 300% more people to read their content by leveraging story-telling.


Introduce and link to other people

When you are writing about a topic, on which other popular people have commented on, cite them.

If there are any related case studies or statistical posts by other bloggers, extract data and figures from them. Present them on your posts along with a link back to them.

This is how Neil Patel does this.

Neil patel facts

Smart guy!

He is becoming more human – focusing on building a personal brand.

Personal optin boxes

Smart people always tend to look for opportunities for humanizing themselves.

Neil optin box

Along with his image, notice how Neil also has conveyed the emotion (only for humans) to attract more people click on the call to action. He is making sure that people overcome ad blindness syndrome.

All the call to action banners on his blog are personalized strategically.

Make them jump out of trance

Do you know one thing? While watching TV, or staring at the computer and even reading something, your readers gradually slip into a hypnotic trance state, where they passively welcome all the things.

The state prior to sleep.

As they keep on reading your content, they feel happy along with you (the author), sad along with you and react according to your content.

When things go wrong, they fall asleep on your sofa.

Don’t make the same happen to your readers.

Most of the bestselling authors know the little-known strategy of captivating their audience and make them read through the end. The same strategies (like asking questions, telling stories, having fun, humor) that clever professors used to keep you awake in history classes.

Add personality elements

There are some of the aspects of design and elements that you need to add to your blog, to make it more personalistic.

Add author image in the post byline, as you can see in the below screenshot. This makes sure that your readers know you by your face and name, even before starting your post. They are likely to read your post fully.

Post avatar

Add your images, travel photos, etc. in your blog sidebar. Your sidebar photos make them feel that as if you are reading the content to them as they scroll.

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise does this well.

Ryan sidebar

Like in the sidebar, almost all the images he used in his blog posts are his photos and places – as a digital nomad.


These are some of the tips you need to consider following on your blog, to add more personal approach to your blogging and create trust with your readers.

I’m eager to hear more ideas from you.

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